I love all things outrageous. The smile of nostalgia on the face of the viewer is the moment that defines my work. Scale is often a major device I use to dwarf the adult and release the inner child.

    My training may be formal and my roots traditional but my heart & soul are dedicated to the playful & unexpected. This is evident in each piece I create. Using only the highest quality materials the end product speaks to a lasting integrity, while the image doesn't take itself too seriously.

    I choose to use everyday objects as my subject, often toys, abstracting them through scale - enlarging the object past the point of usual recognition. For the adult viewer I hope to give another chance at a moment long ago forgotten; for children, happiness in seeing the object taken so far out of context it is beyond their belief.

    Ultimately, I want to enrich the lives of my collectors by reminding them of the simple joys in life, not to take things too seriously, there is fun to be had... everyday.

about Matthew